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Welcome to Agra Engineering Company

    Agra Engineering Company established in 1953 is an ISO 9001:2008 company that exports to 86 countries. We have developed a wide range of PISTONS for various engines. The reputation for reliability which Agra Engineering Co. enjoys throughout the world is due to the high quality of materials and workmanship coupled with over 50 years of experience.

    Continued development and research have ensured that ARROW brand Spares have kept pace with the heavy demands made on them by the ever increasing pressures, temperatures and speeds of modern engines. New materials, designs and techniques are constantly being introduced to make ARROW products meet these requirements efficiently.

    Today, as a trade mark, it is the pride possession of the dealers across 86 countries. Boxes and labels showing the ARROW brand give a sigh of relief and confidence to the far off customer who comes to the city to buy replacement Engine Parts. Today's customer knows that trouble free performance pays dividends. Continuous research and development ensure that ARROW products are constantly on the fore front of technological progress

Piston Castings